Multiple Garrysmod Server/Directories

I am trying to run multiple garrysmod servers on a single machine. The method I would like to use to avoid redundant files is to have multiple garrysmod directories, like C:\srcds\orangebox\garrysmod_sandbox then garrysmod_ttt ect. Then launch it with “srcds -console -game garrysmod_sandbox …” This works except the clients will not connect because “COM_ChecckGameDirectory: game directories don’t match (garrysmod / garrysmod_sandbox)” So is there a way to disable that error? Even if there is it would have to be changed on the client anyway.

So what other methods do I have to run multiple garrysmod servers with little redundant content. I think I can create multiple orangebox directories and symlink the content for css and whatnot. But I feel there is an easier way and I’m just overlooking it.

Any ideas?

I use symlinks on mine

I presume symlinks with multiple orangebox directories?
C:\scrds\orangebox\garrysmod being default sandbox
C:\srcds\orangebox_ttt\garrysmod being Trouble Terrorist Town with symlinks like: C:\srcds\orangebox_ttt\cstrike -> C:\srcds\orangebox\cstrike

I considered that but wasn’t sure if there was a better way.

Well I have two separate servers and just the big stuff is shared like addons and maps