Multiple .GMA Files to Folders - Need Help!

Hello, I’m trying to extract multiple GMA files at once (for server addons). GMAD Extractor does one at a time and I can’t change the directory, and the official one is a command line… you can’t do multiple at once. The only tool that somewhat worked was GmadConvGUI.exe, but it said (for some) that the given path’s format is not supported. Can someone PLEASE link me to a Multiple .GMA Extractor GUI program? Or help me fix the GmadConvGUI.exe problem? PLEASE!?

“GMAD Extractor does one at a time and I can’t change the directory…”
Half of the addons it lists I have never downloaded or even heard about. Where’s the directory where it gets them so I can delete the not-mine addons?

I have no idea what you’re talking about. Addons are either in garrysmod/addons (including .gma’s), or the root garrysmod folder.

I found that, nevermind. But I have to do all my 100 addons manually?

Yes; I’m sure you could write a .bat script that could loop through all .gma’s in the addons folder, however, I’m not sure on how to do it.


It just saves the files though, lua, materials, models, etc… it doesn’t give each one it’s own name automatically… Can I name my addon folders anything?

I used to have a addon that could do them in batches… But I lost it lololololol.

I’ll see if I can find it again for you tho.


You can do it with this tool: