Multiple Gmod Folders

Hey all, here’s a question.

So I heard that if you rename the garrysmod folder (example : renamed to garrysmod_old), and start up garrysmod again, it will create a new folder with no addons or anything. I’m trying to figure out which download is breaking some of my ragdolls, and I’ll do this by adding the downloads one at a time. I’ll need a blank folder for this.

So, could I have multiple garrysmod folders by just renaming the folder I want use to “garrysmod”?

If this is confusing, here’s an example:

Would I be able to use the folder “garrysmod_old” if I rename it to “garrysmod” and rename the first folder to something else? Or would Gmod create another blank folder?

It’s kind of confusing, but I don’t want to try it without making sure.


Thank you. :slight_smile: