Multiple key binding

Is it possible to bind multiple commands at one key, with delay between commands?

I don’t believe so, the *wait *command was disabled a while back.

Yep. Because the wait command is disabled, this isn’t easily possible.

@King Penisless, i think i cant alias multiple commands

is it possible without “wait”?

Of course you can

if you tell us what you are trying to achieve I will see if I know a better way to do it.

my idea was mainly an quick melee attack like this: give “weapon” (delay time for pulling out the weapon) +attack, -attack (delay time for attacking) and a command to remove the weapon.
the second idea was to set up my game without typing every single command

i tried to alias multiple commands, but it doesn’t work. any tips for this?

I think when you alias a + command you are going to need at least a small wait, might be better to just do it in lua if you are able to run code where you want to do it.

i dont know if it would easy or not. i actually dont know anything about lua coding
edit: i can only use the console a little bit