Multiple Linux Gmod servers autorefresh issue

We run 3 GMod servers (Sandbox, DarkRP and Fretta) on one machine, and one of them (depends on when the first launch was) refuses to autorefresh Lua-files.
All of those servers are at different and independent directories and running on Ubuntu 16.04.1.

If the first started servers was Sandbox and DarkRP, then Fretta’s autorefresh will not work. Even if we have disabled some of first servers and restart them - autorefresh on Fretta server will not work. The same for other servers.

And yes, it’s not a Simplerr from DarkRP, I disabled it already from gamemode files (OMG core files has been edited, shame on me)

We need autorefresh for all of servers, so I just can’t disable it for one of them, unfortunately.

I personally think that issue - - should be the source of problem