Multiple materials/textures on a single prop in blender

I’m trying to figure out how multiple materials/submaterials work in gmod and I can’t find any clarification on it, basically i’m aiming to have a texture for the ‘screen’ area on the model below and another texture for the rest of it but i’m unsure how to go about it in a way that works with gmod.

just assign a second material to the screen and change the texture of it. that’s it.

:incredible: I was so blind, thank you.

Ok now it’s got 2 materials but it doesn’t load either of the vmt’s

and here’s how i’ve got it laid out, same texture names and material names in blender aswell.

I’m probably being stupid again but i can’t figure out what’s wrong with it.

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after examining various other model .vmt’s i believe my error was either including the extension in the $basetexture parameter or my lack of naming the object in blender, guess i’ll find out on my next model.