multiple monitors

I’ve tried for ages to get more than one monitor working with different cams but it just keeps having the same image on it, help!


Rate me boxes, I misread the question.

Vista handled each display as a different video out, XP could have spanning (seeing the displays as one large display).

You can set it up like this. (Not my layout)

I tried stretching it across two screens when I had a 22" and a 24". Many lulz were had!

Do you mean real monitors, or in game monitors?

Oh shit my bad. I think he does mean in-game monitors, lol.

He mentions camera’s so I think that’s the case.
And as far as in game monitors go, I don’t think you can have more than one active camera at a time, I’ve fiddled with multiple cams before but no luck.

Cmon guys. Halfwit is awesome, I thought more people used it.

Oh yeah but if you want to have more than one monitor up at a time with different images on each, you can’t without custom lua cameras/monitors. The ones already in Hammer are RT, and there can only be one RT feed at a time.

Oh and I didn’t do the dumb ratings, BTW. Thought it kinda looked like I did.:ohdear:

I’ve been looking for that site!
Couldn’t remember the name of it though.