Multiple moveign vehicles (need help )

Does anybody have any ideas how i can make multiple cars move at the same time along with them haveing ragdolls/stuff welded to them ?
I tried HAT but it sucks when a prop has stuff welded to it

I also tried useign wheels on the objects but they just run off on their own or wont even move at all.

So yeah i could use some help


Should help you out if you can be bothered to learn it.

motion is perspective: Trees dont need to be animated right? So get a nice scene in the back and make the whole thing move, now you got a stationary car with ragdolls that can be easily animated

Well you see the problem is that the first shot of the chase starts of with a scene from above where you see all the vehicles moveing at the same time. Now ive tried giving each vehicle their own set of wheels
ive tried welding them all to one vehicle entity and drive that and the welding ended up ruining alot of the vehicles(mainly the ones with ragdolls on )
And ive tried HAT as well as Windeds video assistant