Multiple outfits on a model

So I was wondering what you guys do when you have to port a model and it has many outfits?

When you’re creating the face flexes for said model, do you create multiple VTAs for each body/outfit or you make the head a separate mesh and just attach different bodies to it (creating neck seams)?

The head will always be separate, unless you want to have a bunch of untouched verts in the VTA for no reason at all. Making the flexes with the entire body as one mesh would obviously be a problem with multiple outfits, as you would have to redo the flexes for each outfit. Unefficient, and a tremendous waste of time.

Depending on how many outfits you’re including, you would bodygroup them, or if there were too many outfits causing the model to fail to compile, you would have to compile the outfits separately and attach them later.

What about neck seams that would happen due to the head being separate from the body?

A side effect that you’ll just have to deal with.

So no other way around that issue huh? Guess I could make part of the model’s torso a separate mesh and see how it goes.