Multiple reload sounds [HELP]

I’m working on a few sweps, however most of the models have around 3-5 reload sounds.
I’ve seen things like this

    name = "Weapon_halole.Clipin",
    channel = CHAN_STATIC,
    volume = 1.0,
    soundlevel = 80,
    sound = "weapons/m6g/de_clipin.wav"

However how would I know the right “name”, and if I did this correct, would the swep due to the model play the right reload sounds without me adding a reload sounds to the swep?
I would love to know how to do this, however if anyone knows a “Good” way to solve this with lua, Like timers or what not, I would love to see it.

Thanks for your time.

= {“weapons/waw_fg42/wpn_fg42_st_fire.wav”,“weapons/waw_fg42/wpn_fg42_st_fire2.wav”}