Multiple reload sounds?

I am making this weapon, and the reload function ( for the model ) uses 6 different sounds. How would I play all of the sounds for the weapon at the right time? Or would this be a script thing ( scripts/weapons/name ) Either way I don’t know how. Can someone who knows how help me?

I usually just pop open Audacity and edit them all together. It takes a bit longer but it sounds better.

Ok, I might try that. Is Audacity free?

Yes, it is :cool:

Or if you’re lazy, you can just do this:

local sounds = {

function SWEP:ReloadSounds(index)
self:EmitSound( sounds[index] )
timer.Simple( SoundDuration(sounds[index]), self:ReloadSounds( index + 1 ) )

Pass the index of the sound you want to start at as the first argument.

Meh, for CS:S skins that come with a billion sounds and a script file I just Audacity them together :v:

Never tried doing that. Thanks.


OK, so how do I play a sound when I reload? Do I just add self.Weapon:EmitSound in the reload function?

That’s what I do usually, but here is what I’ve been using for ages:
function SWEP:Reload()

if self:Ammo1() > 0 and self.Weapon:Clip1() < self.Primary.ClipSize then

Cheers :cheers:

Works perfectly. Thanks.

No problem :razz:

Chad = lifesaver
thank you very much :smiley: