Multiple Rust accounts?

I’ve read through 3 pages of threads, as well as searched quite a few times but have been unable to find a clear answer regarding this question. I have bought multiple Rust accounts so as to have multiple characters I can play with and am wondering how I will be able to use these through steam now? I know you can’t run more than 1 instance of steam at the same time, and as it seems right now, only 1 account can be tied to 1 steam account at a time. Are there plans for allowing multiple account logins in the future through steam by chance some how? Or is the only way to play my other accounts now is registering them through different steam accounts?

If this is the case, then that means I will be unable to have 2 accounts logged in at the same time on one machine, meaning I will be required to use more than 1 computer. Am I correct? Does anyone have any other ideas or information?

Make a 2nd steam account with a different e-mail address

You pretty much answered yourself, “multiple computers”. However you can try SandBoxie, link here

I’d like to keep my full support in this game and let Garry keep my money with the purchase of those other accounts. Meaning, I don’t want to go through a refund process for them, unless this is going to be a huge painful process in trying to run 2 accounts on one machine. I know I’ve seen Garry talk about refunds many times, as in they’re easy to do, but I don’t want to go through that process if he plans to allow multiple accounts signing in on one computer in the future.

Perhaps Garry could shed some light please?

Is there a way to have an account sign in process after starting up the game through steam? Maybe even allow the game to run multiple times on one machine some how? Don’t know if it’s possible through steam now.