Multiple Servers, One Directory?

Hey guys, I currently run 5+ TTT servers (Massive MySQL communications from each) and a few other servers I’m working on, all running through a MANAGED VPS from a viable GPS (Managed means I have give up direct access to the unit as well as files outside of the server setup for a VERY easy to manipulate automated system. This includes NOT having access to manipulate SteamCMD. It have proved to be very beneficial for my needs, but its time to evolve.

What I want is switch to a UNmanaged machine, and to have as many servers runningfrom a singlular GMod Server directory as possible. Though GMod specific case-studies were scare and detail lacking, I am confident it is possible, but not sure to what extent. My goal is to not only have one area to update for my TTT servers, but to be able to localize my database (Which is not MySQL).

So my questions are, can anyone assert whether or not:
a) Multiple instances with Garrysmod in its current build with SteamPipe IS possible (Not just ‘mounting’, I know that will work if the directory is shared)
b) If 4-6 TTT servers could share sv.db, meaning no more MySQL (and no more issues with MySQL not connecting efficiently enough, as it rarely will drop connections)
c) If a+b are both ‘yes’, if it would also be possible to share the same GMod directory for a server of another gamemode? With my development plans, this would be VERY beneficial

I feel like I’m going out on a stretch here, but I haven’t found anything that has directly implied this cannot be done. Maybe you guys can save me dropping $$ on a doomed project.

Thanks everyone!

I believe you can do that, but it would require all of them to be on the same machine.

-port 270## on your startup.

Ok, so it seems possible to do, but what about having a ton of servers running sqllite queries constantly to the same sv.db? Think it will cause issues or run smoothly? (Since people cant be in two servers at once, I see no possibilities of conflicting queries, only overloading it with queries if that’s possibile)

Thanks for the responses guys!

Pretty sure you can’t share a sqlite database (the sv.db file) since it locks the file when writing, which has the potential to cause some weird/unpredictable things to happen. Moving to a proper MySQL setup is going to be more reliable, if you run a sql server on the same box as the servers the delay will be insignificant.

If you are running multiple servers on one box you can symlink a lot of the bigger readonly content directories… css, tf, “sourceengine”, the entire addons folder (if all that is the same between all your servers), cfg files, etc. Saves on disk space that way and if say you wanted to install/update an addon you’d only have to do it once in the shared directory rather than for every individual server.

Thank you for the informative response! So I suppose if I do convert to an unmanaged machine, I will keep a (local) MySQL setup. Thanks for the assistance!

If anyone else has any comments, suggestions, or additional info please share!

Ah one more question, should I use Windows Server 2008 over 2012 for any reason?

I always thought the file lock in sqlite would just make the server wait until it was unlocked for its turn to write.

I’m unsure for sqlite specifically but we’ve always forked servers from the same directory with no issues. Running MySQL+gmsv_mysqloo however.

Personally I’d run a Server 2008 R2 system over Server 2012. It’s a bit more stable for current and older applications.

As for the sqlite file lock, I have ran numerous servers off the same directory without issue that used the sv.db database.

i’d suggest ubuntu 13 32-bit. Really stable