multiple servers?

i dont have rust but i been hearing that theres been multiple servers??? or something idk.

If by multiple servers you mean 2… then yeah there’s two servers if you go to the Home page on the Play Rust page It explains a little about whats happening with that…

He stated he didn’t have Rust, so he can’t go to the panels and test :v:

I know but he can still see the updates page. One of the sections there explains the “multiple” servers situation.

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I added a server list to the website. Unfortunately we still only have one server - so it’s not much of a list right now. You will find that when you click on Play Game it will let you choose the server to join.

The cluster servers listed on this page are different universes. You won’t take your inventory with you and your buildings won’t be duplicated to each one. So each new cluster is a chance to start from scratch.

We’re aiming to get more servers online as soon as possible!