Multiple Suggestions for Rust

eNtak here, and I wanted to list off some of my ideas and suggestions for Rust. These ideas and suggestions stem from my own experience with survival and beta games, general interests of what I would love to see in the game and what I think would be good, as well as conversations with other gamers, and feedback and discussion from some of my youtube subscribers. These ideas and suggestions are purely to help benefit the game if the developers desire to use any of them. These ideas and suggestions can most likely even be improved upon with the help of the Rust community. So feel free to have an open discussion about how to expand and improve upon any of these ideas even more!
So here they are:

•More Radiation Walls
-If the game had more radiation walls that were designed in a specific way and these walls were intense radiation walls (unable to be crossed like the current ones) with maybe one or two entrances past the wall into a designated area, you could design these walls to encompass an area like a circle. By doing this you could set up a specific type of zone wherein you have increased loot.
-Make the area small enough (or varying n sizes) to have a more intense effect. From having increased loot rates you essentially make this specified area a hotzone or potential warzone. This area could serve as a pvp zone eventually where only the bravest of players enter or even potentially build in this area.
-This would allow for intense action, an intense survival aspect while in this zone, would allow for potential ambushes coming out or into the zone, and potentially much more. This would provide a variation or creation of new or current playstyles.

•Render Distance of Player Names
-Slightly (maybe 5-10 feet) increase the render distance of names to avoid confusion with team mates but somehow limit the visibility of the names through objects (such as a house) to outside players to keep a stealth aspect to the game (if not currently implemented).
-Also, only slightly increasing the name would allow for less confusion but will prevent from
people being able to snipe at players based on their names at a greater distance.
-Another improvement that could possibly be even better (if possible) would be to only allow names to render at those distances when another player looks in their general direction. This would allow for a player to sneak up on another player, etc.

•Random more rare/increased quantities of loot spawns
-Such as rare loot spawn containing increased amounts of ammo or larger wood piles that give more wood upon harvesting.

•Logging Yards
-Hard to get to, very dangerous (players or NPCs), lots of loot, and players cannot build in this area or within a certain distance of it to prevent camping.

•Abandoned Military compounds
-Same as above just with ammo, weaponry, and armor.

•Abandoned Hospitals
-Same as above

-Yes, much like the DayZ concept but adapted to Rust. This idea is a great idea regardless of the game as it allows for an added survival aspect.

•Heavily Armed NPC Compounds
-Insanely hard to enter and impossible to enter by yourself unless you can kill all the NPCs, lots of NPCs to kill, most likely need a team of people to do it, a ton of loot if you can take out the NPCs, NPCs respawn fairly quickly, and players cannot build in this location or near it like the abandoned areas above.
-This type of idea encourages the social aspect of the game and requires players to form social bonds/teams/clans if they so desire to take on the NPC compounds.

•Trade System
-Quick and easy ability to trade resources with other players so you do not need to drop everything you want to give someone else.

-Yes I know this will probably come it was simply in my list and I didn’t delete it.

•Extensive Crafting Changes
-Building weapons per part and per piece
-New building materials such as stone or steel which are even harder to destroy and enter
-More craftable structures such as barred windows, reinforced doorways, varying stair types, etc

•Weapon/armor/item degradation

•Aesthetic Items
-No real practical use but creates immersion for the players who use it.
-Items such as benches, beds, shelves, etc

•Lock boxes/Safes
-A key is generated for the safe or lock box that you are forced to carry on you and if killed, The player who killed you can take the key and try to find the box or safe to steal your loot.
-The safe or box can only have a limited amount of storage space to prevent hoarding but can help prevent people looting your valuable items.
-Other players can open the box or safe if they use a lot of explosives to gain entry.
-The player who owns the safe or box can open it regardless of whether or not they have the key on them.

•New Weapon Variety
-Better weapons are made more rare and harder to craft (more time and resources needed).
-Basic to military grade weaponry items such as certain higher powered rifles (no scope or very limited scope) as an example.

•Skill progressions much like mmorpgs?
-Limited skills all used for practical purposes for things such as crafting time, specialties such as lockpicking (could be used for houses but would take a significant amount of time to raise the skill’s progression/time), cooking (could be used for better restorative foods), etc.
-I do not know how much skills would be needed or could be used but one such as reducing crafting time would be very practical. Maybe some other method for something like this such as the blueprint idea.

•Traps of various types
-I know these are suggested already but it was in my list that I have been developing so I just left it in.

•Various map based underground areas
-Such as shelters, caves, basements, etc
-Random, very few, hard to get to, potentially guarded, and gives the ability to live underground.

•Weather changes the effect the player
-Effect things such as animals, run speed of the player, cold, hunger levels, weapon degradation, etc

•Clans/Factions - Ability to build clan compounds

•Larger Map/Islands

•Inventory system changes
-Varying sizes based on clothing and/or backpacks

-Require a fuel source?

•Varying crate sizes for storage/Multiple storage items

•Abandoned towns/Commercial Areas
-Commercial loot such as clothing, medical, crafting resources
-Players can build in this location maybe?

-Interactive or Not
-Example of interactive could be something like markers or points of interest.

***So like I said, feel free to add to the ideas, discuss the ideas, or comment however you desire. I know that some of these have probably already been suggested and I know that some of these ideas need to be further discussed and developed due to certain in-game problems that could arise as a result of certain things but those discussions are what drive better ideas and complete ideas. No need to flame or anything like that as I simply hope to help better the game and I am sure you do as well.

Thanks for reading,

The radiation wall idea is a nice idea. The only problem with some of the others such as compounds and high loot areas is that bigger teams/clans may control those areas and lonewolf players will have a hard time. Although I guess that is essentially something that could happen in most survival games such as this or dayz.

I thought of those issues with large clans and groups controlling areas but the fact is that people can and already do that in Rust and I imagine that it will be the same regardless of the content.

Oh, if only any body listoned to the mods, staff and other’s of rust. This game is in alpha, it’s actually closed because it so under developed at the moment; These suggestions are likely going to be in it, please stop pestering them this is a brand new game.

Pestering? Hardly. Do you know the concept of suggestions? What if an idea was yet to be thought of and it was actually one that was worth investing time into? A discussion to help generate ideas and suggestions to help improve the game is far from pestering.