Multiple Team Friendly Fire

Currently I want 3 different teams (Team_v1, Team_v2, Team_v3) to not be able to kill eachother, but to be able to kill teams (Team_A1, Team_A2 and Team A3). And Vice Versa.
I have tried for the last hour but sadly I have came to no avail.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

I did use that hook. I think my use of it was broken as it means no damage is done to any team or you can damage both teams:
function FriendlyFire(victim, killer )
if (killer:Team() == (TEAM_V1 or TEAM_V2 or TEAM_V3)) and (victim:Team() == (TEAM_A1 or TEAM_A2 or TEAM_A3)) then
return true
return false

hook.Add(“PlayerShouldTakeDamage”, “FriendlyFire”, "FriendlyFire)

This is a gamemode? If so

function GM:PlayerShouldTakeDamage(victim, killer)


Here’s my gamemodes.

[lua]-- Stop friendly fire –
function GM:PlayerShouldTakeDamage(ply, attacker)
if attacker:IsPlayer() and attacker:Team() == ply:Team() or self:GetRound() != ROUND_ACTIVE then
return false

return true


No, it is a darkrp edit. Sorry. I forgot to add a hook for it in the comment. Fixing now.

Your if statement logic is flawed, you can’t do
[lua]killer:Team() == (TEAM_V1 or TEAM_V2 or TEAM_V3)[/lua]
you have to do
(killer:Team() == TEAM_V1 or killer:Team() == TEAM_V2 or killer:Team() == TEAM_V3)[/lua]

Because your parenthetical statement with the teams is doing this in psuedocode:
find first valid value of TEAM_V1, TEAM_V2, and TEAM_V3 and if it equals the killer’s team then do X
So essentially you are just checking against TEAM_V1 and continuing.

Your hook would look like this:
[lua]function FriendlyFire(victim, killer)
if not killer:IsPlayer() then return end
local team1, team2 = killer:Team(), victim:Team()
if (team1 == TEAM_V1 or team1 == TEAM_V2 or team1 == TEAM_V3) and (team2 == TEAM_V1 or team2 == TEAM_V2 or team2 == TEAM_V3)) then
return false

hook.Add(“PlayerShouldTakeDamage”, “FriendlyFire”, "FriendlyFire)[/lua]

You also want to return FALSE to see if these sets of teams should not take damage, not true. If you return true then other take-damage hooks don’t get a chance to run.

You guys are doing it in a way that will make adding more teams a mess.

local map = { }

function TeamCanDamageTeam( a, b )
	if not map[ a ] then
		return false
	return map[ a ][ b ] 

local function SetEnemyTeams( t, ... )
	local _, v
	map[ t ] = map[ t ] or { }
	for _, v in ipairs{ ... } do
		map[ t ][ v ] = true
		map[ v ] = map[ v ] or { }
		map[ v ][ t ] = true

SetEnemyTeams( TEAM_V1, TEAM_A1, TEAM_A2, TEAM_A3 )
SetEnemyTeams( TEAM_V2, TEAM_A1, TEAM_A2, TEAM_A3 )
SetEnemyTeams( TEAM_V3, TEAM_A1, TEAM_A2, TEAM_A3 )

function FriendlyFire( victim, killer )
	return TeamCanDamageTeam( victim:Team( ), killer:Team( ) )

This leaves it very open - if you add TEAM_V4, you’d just do this:

SetEnemyTeams( TEAM_V4, TEAM_A1, TEAM_A2, TEAM_A3 )

And then it automatically makes TEAM_A# able to damage _V4 in addition to _V4 being able to damage all of them.

This is one alternate to having a sprawling if statement to determine the same thing.

Thanks for your help! The code you have given me is more than I expected!

Thanks again!