Multiple text strings in one DLabel Text?

Hey there, So I’m working on a thing and I’m trying to input two strings of text into one DLabel

(See where it says Name: )

local name = vgui.Create("DLabel",frame)
		name:SetText("Name: ", ply:GetName())

It’s ran off of that code… How do I make it get the name as well and place it next to Name: without making a new Label?

Also at the top you see my name… ignore it I have a better idea for it.

What you’re looking for is called concatenation and the syntax is a simple … to connect two strings/variables

Ah thanks! It works yet the string is then clamped… I hope theres a way to increase the size? I’ll start playing with things but if you have any ideas let me know :wink:

There was a thread about this like a day ago

Thanks :slight_smile: