multiple textures in blender(noob question for great results)

ok so i’m making a moxxi ragdoll from borderlands in blender and i have the body texture and all i need is the face texture but its another picture and when i open it it replaces the body texture please help.

as you can see the face is not the right texture

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come on no one wants a borderlands ragdoll?


okay Im still fairly noobish but I think what you should do is:
take the vertices for the face and add them to their own mesh group then change the link-to-object to the picture (even if it doesn’t work in blender it still should work in gmod)

ok,im a bigger noob :frowning: so how do i take the vertices from the face and add them to their own mesh? sorry for being a noob but hey thats why we learn to not be a noob hehe…