Multiple tool guns

when your building something big, and requires the use of multiple tool guns regularly, maybe it will be useful to be able to hold, say 2-3? or maybe more? it would speed things up a lot and make building just that bit easier.

Better idea. Tool hotkeys.

Hmm… interesting, I was thinking the same thing.
The tool hotkeys are also a good idea, but the trouble would be finding a set of buttons to use them with.
Maybe the direction keys, they’re never used.

yes, i like the hotkey idea, thanks for elaborating on the idea

This is something that would be done with Lua, as an addon… Why is it in this section?

I’d go with GB-Radial. It’s extremely useful. You can bind a key to it and it popsup the menu. You don’t even have to move your hands from the original position, as long as you bind it to something close, like Tab (Mine) or Mouse3 (Clicking the mouse wheel). I love it.

Bind - tool_rope
bind = tool_weld
bind mouse4 tool_wire
bind mouse5 tool_remove

But Swerf, that takes up more keys than GB-Radial. GB-Radial is only one key. You hold it down, move the mouse cursor into the area of the weapon (Yes, weapons.)/tool you want, and let go. It’s fully customizable, too, and requires less knowledge of console (Although it’s still very easy.) than binding them manually. You only need to know the weapon_Name or tool_Name. You can also change the name of the weapon in it’s section, meaning, my Easy Weld is name by me to EZ Weld. If you want to have a lot of weapons, you could change the names to abbreviations, such as EZW.

Tl;Dr: Use GB-Radial.