Multiple ULX MOTD (Web Browsers)

Im trying to get multiple Web Browser MOTDs for my server. So that the !motd works, but have other ones for !donate !website, etc… Would anyone be kind to point me or help me out scripting this? Would i have to mimic the ulx motd code? Or is there specific way of doing this?

Please help!

ask #syntoxgamingmaster

if he can sell his ‘coding services’ in the lua hiring thread then he should be able to help you out with that, considering it’s for his own server

function SteamBrowser( pl, text, teamonly )
if (text == “!forums” or text == “forums”) then
for k, v in pairs(player.GetAll()) do v:ChatPrint( “” … pl:Nick() … " is checking out the forums! (Type !forums)" ) end
hook.Add( “PlayerSay”, “Chat”, SteamBrowser )

Where would I place this code?

Try putting it in one of your folders in your lua/autorun folder. If this is client side I have no idea…

If you have ULX installed just go through the files associated with it, should be easy enough to copy. Start by searching where the command !motd is created and from there should be easy enough.