Multiple User Access to Doors

Has there been any mention of how door privileges will work? Currently, only the placer of the door can open and close the door, which is great if you play solo. If you have a group of friends that have worked together to create a sizable fortress, it gets a bit frustrating to work around door placement so the 4 or 5 creators of the fortress can access all or most of the building.

The perfect feature would allow for doors to allow access privileges to any person on a list. It could be as easy as holding in the ‘e’ button to get a drop down menu similar to the campfire or furnace. On the menu could be “Access”, and it could list the player names of every play able to open and close the door. This could really help when multiple players create a building.

agreed! I was actually coming on here to make the exact same post. would be very useful and the ‘e’ button drop down is exactly what I was thinking… it may be something that will have to wait for friends list integration but I would love this feature.


They said before that they will probably implement a “key” system - In where you craft a number of keys for your door, and then distribute them to your friends.
And if they or you die, the assailant can then enter your house.

Sounds awesome :smiley:

oh yea… way better than a permission system

And what if you die and spawn back inside your house? You have no key then and aren’t able to open the door!

Would be a very stupid idéa to solve the problem IMO.
Since the key would probly take one slot in your inventory and NO ONE will ever make a house with ONE door. So more then half the inventory would be occupied by keys.

I imagine making a “Keychain” to store the keys on, but i dunno

they could add a spot called “key ring” where you would keep all the rings so that your inventory isn’t taken up

Recent thread on this:

My suggested mechanism would make keys just a temporary device to give another player access, and wouldn’t be needed after using once to ‘claim’ a door.

I imagine the door’s owner could still open and shut it without a key, just like now. The addition of keys would be for friends. I can see this working quite nicely. Do you trust them enough to give them a key? They could just rob your stuff when you’re offline. They could even sell the key and your base’s location to a third-party :slight_smile: Furthermore they could even just die and get the key looted. If you’re in a big clan and your base is know, you could certainly expect some visitors.

Players would just camp outside the house instead of using C4, and when they get the key there is absolutely no way to stop them from going anywhere is your house.
Would prefer a passcode lock which you can craft the password on a paper or blueprint and set BP or paper could be learned by the player you gave it to.
That way you wouldn’t risk the whole house when you died.

If doors must be multi-user, crafting a combination lock, applying it to the door, then selecting a combo which you tell your friends would be the easiest way to do it.

I’m not a huge fan of the passcode lock (which has been brought up a lot before), just because it’s such a departure from the current mechanism.

Here’s what I proposed in the other thread:

"I think in terms of keeping the gameplay mechanism similar without requiring a huge additional change in UI or mechanics, a one-shot key would work well.

It could work like this:

  1. Door owner creates (or is given) a ‘Key Blank’ (made from some amount of low quality metal, maybe 1?).
  2. Door owner uses the ‘Key Blank’ on an existing door. ‘Key Blank’ turns into a ‘Door Key’.
  3. Door owner gives ‘Door Key’ to player to allow in door.
  4. Player uses ‘Door Key’ on door, ‘Door Key’ disappears, and now the door can be opened and closed by the second player.

No lost keys, mechanism is same for original owner and secondary player, no new UI needed for ‘codes’."

or we can go back to the permissions idea… hold E on the door select allowed users…

no extra inventory, nothing to drop or lose, and people will still have to use c4 to get into your home. the keys seem to just complicate things as we can see from the discussion.

That’s a risk you take.

Passcodes and blueprints would only provide advantages. Seeing as this would only benefit groups of players, who understandably already have a huge advantage in this game, I don’t feel that’s appropriate. Perhaps the ability to change a lock might be a nice balance.

there will never be a way to keep people 100% out that is not the point… and if you are stuck in your house with people camping that sucks but its life in a survival game… open the window on your top floor and blast those fools!

Garry kind of answered this question already in a Q&A session.

^This! +1

Lootable keys is tooo bad idea. It will be used for small houses and wont solve current problem. No one will ever use keys since it’s 100% chance to lose it (coz of lags, zerg & etc). Players dying like ~10 time per hour, so after each death they will be needed to make new house? If you want to go and harvest (naked) you should take key or wait until original owner will open door…

Access rights is the most reasonable solution.