Multiple UV maps and Textures on a model in Source.

Recently I started messing about with modeling in Maya 2011 and have successfully modeled, UV mapped, textured and compiled a few models, but I’m a little curious as to how multiple textures on a single model will work.

Could anybody provide a link or quick description of how someone would go about having separate textures for a single model in Source?

Uh, what’s there to explain? You compile the model and then you make several .vtf textures with .vmt’s for it, that’s all.

I feel so stupid for not even thinking of that. I guess I had just assumed it would be a long difficult process for some reason :v:

Sorry for even bothering to post :s

Apply the texture to the polygons you want it to be on, then when you compile the model you place the VMT in the directory with the name of the texture.