Multithreading Support in S&Box

Garry’s Mod is plagued with performance issues on large maps with a lot of physics objects due to DX9 / Source 1 being almost entirely single threaded.

Will Sandbox have multithreading in the following areas, as well as others?

  1. Renderer - VULKAN support for multithreaded draw calls, hopefully Garry picked the Vulkan Source 2 backend due to it’s natively threaded nature. This will help out on build servers with large amounts of props.

  2. Physics - This plagued Garry’s Mod as physics calculations bottleneck the engine very fast when reaching the limit, hopefully Rubikon has a higher heap size and can span across multiple cores.

  3. User Scripting - Having an easy to use threadpool or task scheduler engine will allow addons to almost have no overhead on the game if they can run on multiple threads without causing race conditions.


Yeah S&Box, as running on source 2 has mutlithread support

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Vulkan is currently not supported on s&box, it had a ton of dependencies for intergration and it’s not needed for cross platform support since only windows will be supported.

Addon creators can probably use C#'s threading. That’s where most of the performance improvements will probably end up, since addons are the most performance intensive part on the server.

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