I don’t know is it possible to turn it off in this game but that would be great, because i suspect it to be the cause of my game stuttering… I’ve looked on forums and found some have problems with same message but different effects, such as stutter because of multithreading, or not able to connect to servers, few seconds freezings etc.

and i have problems in other games with multithreading, not sure what’s the cause…

not really sure why this message appears, and why exactly GfxDevice but still, that is only lead.
console message itself:
Skipped rendering frame beause of GfxDevice is invalid state (device lost)

The GfxDevice error occurs if you alt-tab.

Post your system specs, please.

4gb RAM
Radeon HD 7400M
AMD Dual Core 1.65Ghz

i know sounds a little bad, but i did play Crysis 3 on minimals smoother than this :rolleyes:


Crysis performance is irrelevant, Rust is an unoptimized alpha.

Your CPU does not meet the minimum requirements, flat out. So that’s a start.

Do you have a RealTek audio device? (Look in device manager in the audio category.) If so, do you use it or do you have a USB headset or similar?

i have headset but not USB, and i had RealTek audio driver/codec in my computer before but i deleted it… i’ve tried all command parameters, cfg file editing, driver updating, and many other things, strange it is, FPS always stays the same, laptop doesn’t heat up, its actually warm and that is all… i get 25 fps when im in wilderness, if im facing north or facing rad town/zombie infested area, i get stutter, only when facing those… if i look at player build towns, i dont have stutter.

Strange, same error. I get a flashing grass and that error.
Radeon 7950 Boost 3GB VRAM
Intel core i5 3570k