Multiwinia Models

Okay recently I bought the game Multiwinia and I have been a long time fan of Darwinia. So I was wondering, could someone could port or create models of the units and viruses of Multiwinia? If you need references let me know.

I´m rating Optimistic because its not my type of game

Yeah Yeah I am an ass :confused:

I got the reference pictures because me is helpful:

Hope this helps as reference

Oh and self-rated dumb because of him being an ass, and by him I mean me

Looking at those pics, most of them seem to be sprites, not meshes. Which means that they can’t really be put into GMod in a way that can really be used.

But can you make a model of a Multiwinian? I mean I know that the Multiwinians are sprites but there are some units that have models: