Munches Oddysee Model Pack - V1

Yes, offical oddworld models coming to a gmod near you, RIGHT NOW.

This is only version 1 a sort of early release if you will, most of the stuff in the pack is characters you saw during abe’s oddysee and exoddus, the second pack will contain the munches oddysee characters missing here.

MadmanMad - Porting/Ragdolling.
Nexus_Elite - Helping with paramite faceposing.
Oddworld inhabitants - Being awesome and creating the models/games.



I hope you all enjoy it, and stay odd!


Oh also forgot to mention they all have faceposing.



i fucking love you

This. Followed it on Oddworld Forums, great work.

Fucking awesomee.

That is really cool, too bad the port to the PC was really broken for the game itself.

Fucking freaking awesome :smiley:

Crytek should buy oddworld. Then a stranger’s wrath sequel with more action and tension like
Half-Life 3.0 with a new 3d game engine that has uber realistic physics.

Brings back memories…

You, sir, are a god among men.

OWI needs in my opinion to focus more on the quintology, not make side games like Stranger.
Crytek buying Oddworld would probably totally ruin the whole thing, and fuck it over completely.

I cannot physically agree any harder than i am agreeing right now.

Great job man ;D

Yes, this pleases me. This pleases me much.

>Slig model

and in totally the gayest of ways!

Download link isn’t showing up on my computer.

how the hell did you manage to get these models from xbox? D:

The games available on PC now

I forgot to mention mad, the paramite is also finger pose, from the tentacles. I just added it for plus bonus.