MUNTALAND- Fresh Server - EU - Economy, Groups, Battlegrounds, 50% Craft, Short Night + More

BRAND NEW server
Friendly admins
Custom economy setup
NO CRAFTABLE EXPLOSIVES -however they are purchasable with the economy!
Groups mod
Custom built buildings made by admin for Battlegrounds. Admin will throw down some loot boxes and supply drop inside the battleground then open the doors when enough people are on and let the battle commence!
50% craft speed
Short night time
Death Announce
Bounty Hunting
Custom loot list - no craftable m4 or mp5 or explosives, no craftable rad suits or kevlar. explosives can be bought or found.
Starter Kits
Skills and Perks to help new people to the server.

To join, hit F1 and paste this

See you guys in game!

Just updated with new rust fix. was causing major server and client problems.

Now with updated addons

updated with new loot tables, old ones were very strange! no craftable m4 or mp5, no craftable rad suits or kevlar.

Updated with blueprints and bolt action rifle missing.