Murder Admin Panel (mu_admin_panel) not showing up?

Nothing we do can make this damn window show up.

  • We type in console mu_adminpanel and it shows no error, just grey text like it recognizes the command but it does nothing on my screen.
  • Typing mu_admin_panel results in a return of “Unknown command: mu_admin_panel”.
  • We have added ourselves to users.txt file in the server settings as superadmin; we also have ULX installed and I am currently listed as Owner aka Superadmin in there as well.
  • We have added mu_admin_panel 1 to server.cfg and typed it into server console and it has shown the feedback that admins are able to use the panel.

I’m literally lost as to what we can do to make this show up, we have such limited maps right now because we can’t use the admin panel to add the spawn points or item spawns into fancy new maps. Typing the commands to do so manually into console does shit all as well; again it just shows the grey text like it recognizes the command but seemingly does nothing. Would appreciate any help, I can post our code if and where its needed.

We run on a dedicated server and linux system if that helps any.

How 'bout you try looking up what the actual command is?


I appreciate your input and if you actually read my post you’d realize I’d already mentioned we had tried that command. Hereis the text file that is provided with the murder gamemode that lists the commands available.

That file is actually incorrect, the actual console command is mu_adminpanel, as defined here:

Okay I will try to define mu_adminpanel in the server.cfg then and pray it works :’) thank you will report back.

Wha? No, that will obviously not work or do anything.

Sorry my fault I meant the server console lmao. Because obviously I need to change mu_allow_admin_panel from 0 over to 1.

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Still nothing. This is what we just did. I fucked up puting the = sign there lmao but

And then when running the command in console

Nothing happens either in console or in the game itself. We have no other addons running except ULX/ULib if that helps any.

Bump please I still really need help on this, anyone got any idea?

Try removing ULX to test. A few people complained about ULX having some kind of vgui bug, idk if it affects everything vgui related. If removing ULX does fix your bug then update it from the github since it was updated recently.

Yeah just make sure you download all of the gamemode/addon updates that the devs have out. ULX bugged when the update came out, so I updated it and boom fixed.

The admin panel does still work on my Windows server and I have ULX.