Murder custom playermodel not working.

I’ve been trying for ages now to add in a custom base playermodel ( for Murder with little success. I know where the code needs to go and what not, it just doesn’t want to seem to work.

I’ve tried all kinds of variations such as:
addModel(“dow_sm”, “male”)
addModel(“dow_spacemarine_cvp”, “male”)
addModel(“lordvipes/dow_sm/dow_spacemarine_cvp”, “male”)
And all other kinds. It’s starting to just bug me now that I can’t.

Am I missing something simple? I remember my friend saying ages ago Murder worked with just the default player models, do I need to add in custom code to find the models of choice? I’m stumped hard right now…

Have you added a .mdl next to the model path?

e.g. lordvipes/dow_sm/dow_spacemarine_cvp.mdl

I did try that, but it fucked it up beyond even Kliener model. It just caused a basic ragdoll with no physics. Had to copy and paste from Mechanical Mind’s GitHub to get it working again.

Have you tried re-extracting this specific add-on on GMAD extractor again? Since it looks be that you’re running off an obsolete version of the add-on, whereas it seems to be working just as fine on my test server with the following model path set to ‘Blood Raven_cvp’.

I’d be more than happy to assist you in resolving this following issue that you’re overcoming, if need be.