Murder Gamemode

Does anyone have a copy of this? Preferably the original non-complicated version? Or even better yet, can someone make a new version? It was personally one my favorite gamemodes and I had tons of fun playing it, but it’s basically nonexistent on servers. If I could get my hands on a copy of the script I could have a server up and running it.

If you don’t know what it was, it was kind of like The Ship. Everyone spawned, and one or a few players were randomly selected as murderers without anyone knowing. The murderer’s job was to kill everyone. The survivor’s job was to kill the murderers.

The catch was that survivors had one bullet each that would instakill them if they shot a survivor, but kill a murderer, but the murderer had near infinite ammo. (The guns were .357s)

So yeah, it was extremely badass and if anyone has a copy of it or is willing to code a new one (seems simple enough) I can probably get a server running it. (not a shitty listen or anything either)

Its funny I have a rowboat named herbie…

Anyways it sounds good I would love to play it. But you should make it a fretta gamemode

I have it.

If you want it call my house at 911. The password for talking to me is telling my secretary to fuck off, then he/she will hand the phone to me.

(User was banned for this post ("Can't help? Don't reply." - mahalis))

Go find it.

Once HuntsKikBut stole it from me he uploaded it on FileFront, Rapidshare, Megaupload, and a few other sites, and slandered it all over his forums.

Should be easy enough to find.


I have been considering remaking it, but decided its pointless since not only did HuntsKikBut do a shitty, complex makeover of it and slandered the name I generated for Murder, but he also stole the original and released it, I decided fuck it.

If people really want me to I can try and remake it, though.

You should its epic

I want you to remake it, like the original simple way. It would be awesome to have it up and running again.

If he dont do it i will but i will see if he wants to first

You do that.

Get a dedicated server,remake it,and publish it.

It’s your gamemode,so why are you letting huntskiksbutt keep you from publishing the version that is rightfully yours? (if it is true you own it)

I REALLY loved your original mode, which was simple and didn’t have the stupid upgrade bullshit. That’s what I’m talking about. If you can give me a link to the original or make a new one I’d be sure to get a server running it. Add me on steam if you want to talk more - herbiev3

I’m remaking it for ya’ll.


and thus the birth of a gamemode happened


Murder Simulation? :flame:

Just don’t tell Jack Thompson.


What you say? Someone call my name? :v:

Transcript of Hunt’s Confession of stealing the gamemode!

[CZ][TCZIS]RovertScott: Hey I have a question
Hunts: shoot
[CZ][TCZIS]RovertScott: How is it I was a Trial Admin on that Murder server back there?
[CZ][TCZIS]RovertScott: hello?
Hunts: uhm
Hunts: u werent
Hunts: that was the system thinking about banning you
[CZ][TCZIS]RovertScott: Then why was my name blue
Hunts: blue = vip
Hunts: and i dunno
Hunts: thats when its not set
[CZ][TCZIS]RovertScott: This dosen’t make any sense, why would a server ban a VIP?
Hunts: o
Hunts: lol
Hunts: got a name banner going
Hunts: and that one thing
Hunts: you uhmm
Hunts: advertising for gm4ever
[CZ][TCZIS]RovertScott: I never advertised for Gmod, I was only curious why there was another Murder server, and Put that in the caht registry to get your attention
Hunts: what
Hunts: lol
[CZ][TCZIS]RovertScott: I thought there was only one Offical Murder server
Hunts: i dont care what you thought
Hunts: u dont go on my servers
Hunts: and advertise about others
[CZ][TCZIS]RovertScott: I thought I was on one of the Chillzone servers
Hunts: what?
Hunts: stop making shit up
Hunts: u said "hunts stole this! go to the OFFICIAL server here <ip>
Hunts: or something to that effect
[CZ][TCZIS]RovertScott: I did and I’m not denying it, I was trying to get you to tell me you made this gamemode, and then bring up the fact I was listed under Trial Admin/VIP as proof you didn’t
Hunts: what
[CZ][TCZIS]RovertScott: I am listed as a Trial Admin on the official murder server, and when I joined your “Murder” server, I was Listed as one there too. I did some cross checking with Admins on the and found out how “Hunt” stole our gamemode. The proof is in the fact I was a Trial Admin on a server I had never been on before
Hunts: youre not a trial admin there
Hunts: i recoded the gamemode from scratch
Hunts: nub
[CZ][TCZIS]RovertScott: How do you record a gamemode? Don’t you mean, “I programmed the gamemode from scratch”. I’m no expert, but inorder to record something don’t you need a master copy to record from?
Hunts: re coded
Hunts: theres no r in there
Hunts: your attempt to spy on my is funny
[CZ][TCZIS]RovertScott: But still to Re-Code a gamemode, you would need something to start from
Hunts: no…
Hunts: as in
Hunts: i took the idea
Hunts: and recoded it
Hunts: and even if i did
Hunts: i dont give a shit what people think
Hunts: not sure what youre trying to prove
[CZ][TCZIS]RovertScott: So you admit to stealing the “Idea” of Murder
Hunts: yes i stole his idea
Hunts: cause he wasnt hosting it
Hunts: but he fagged it up

So what if Hunts took an idea? Doesnt make any difference. An idea is an idea.

so what? it’s a BLATENT code steal when someone who is coded in as an admin keeps admin across unofficial servers, he didnt recode, he ripped and hosted

He did recode it.

He recoded it, using mine as a base (I gave him the full gamemode with his agreement not to give to anyone).

When everyone said it was shit, he released the version I gave him (RE: Mine).