Murder Map Error

Hi, sorry if this is the wrong forum. I’m making a map for murder, which works totally fine when playing Sandbox, TTT and other gamemodes. In murder however, when I am spectating, the map still looks fine and I can look around it and everything. When a round actually starts, the entire screen is black, save for the HUD. I can hear my footsteps when I move around, and when I noclip I no longer hear my footsteps.

Either the spawns aren’t working or the map isn’t rendering. I think it’s the latter. If you need more help I can post it and ask questions but for now I’ll just post a list of useful stuff (I’m a little busy at the moment.)

-There are no murder spawns, but there ARE info_player_starts
-The map is very low light and consists of only crawlspaces, but that isn’t the issue as there IS light in the map
-Everything on the map works fine in other gamemodes