Murder ULX Commands

This is dead for now. I may revive it but for now all development on this has been stopped. Sorry

Murder ULX Commands
This is a pack of ULX commands for murder to help you administrate and control your murder server more easily.
I decided to make this as it seems popular and there aren’t any ULX commands for it yet.
Note for noobs: You must be running the latest version of ulx and ulib which can be found here and also the latest version of gmod murder

Version history
1.0 - Initial version
1.1 - Fixed typo in !modellist command
2.0 - Added !FTaunt and !Respawn and added to github and workshop
2.1 - Added !ShowMurder, corrected some small typos and added update checker

Command List
!Murder - Opens the murder admin panel
!FNextMurderer - Forces the target to be the next murderer
!LootAdd - Adds loot spawn where you are looking, use !ModelList to find out model names
!ModelList - Lists the names for all the models you can use in your chat
!LootList - Shows loot spawn id, model and coordinates for all the loot spawns in your chat
!LootRemove - Removes the loot spawn with specified id
!FSpec - Forces target(s) to spectator
!UnSpec - Forces target(s) to player (It is under !FSpec in the ULX menu)
!LootRespawn - Respawns all loot
!FTaunt - Forces target to taunt
!Respawn - Respawns target(s)
!ShowMurderer - Shows murderer’s evil presence until he gets a kill

Planned Features
None as of now


Just unzip the file you downloaded and place the folder you get in your add-ons folder

Please if you have respect for my time spent making this don’t remove my name from the top and remember to thank me :smiley:

If there are any bugs tell me and I will try my best to correct them and if you would like to see any more feature tell me and I will see if I can add them.

thank you thank you thank you!!!

Nice work! I was in the process of making something similar but you did a much better job, thanks!


No problem, I am thinking of adding !FTaunt which would force the target to taunt. If there are any other commands you would like to have added just tell me!

For some reason I cannot get the commands to work right.
I also have issues with getting the built Murder admin commands to work though so it may be tied together.

Have you made any edits to the murder gamemode, if so what have you changed?

No changes :confused:

Hmm what command and what usergroup? Also have you tried reinstalling murder?

Version 2.0
!FTaunt - Forces target to taunt
!Respawn - Respawns target(s)
Switched from to
Added to workshop

Version 2.1-b1 Not fully tested
!ShowMurderer - Shows the murderer’s evil presence until he kills someone
Corrected some small typos

Note this is a beta, it is under the beta branch in the github if you want to test it and will not be published to master branch or steam workshop until it is fully tested.


Please report any bugs you get if there are any.

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You could always fork off of mine on github and then make a pull request to add it to mine if you want to continue work on the commands.

I dont know why but I cannot get any of these to work. Mind you cannot get the built in commands to work such as the admin panel for murder. I have an rcon password setup and I’m just not sure what I’m doing wrong :confused:

If anyone could help me, I would greatly greatly appreciate it.

What commands are they and what rank are you trying to use?

im superadmin (im the owner of the server)

if you are able to id more than happily make you a superadmin temp to have you help me diagnose what im doing wrong

Only just saw that, have you tried reinstalling murder because the commands should work straight away for owner. I can only think it is because you have messed it up some way or you are running an old version.

Version 2.1
!ShowMurderer - Shows murderer’s evil presence until he kills someone
Update checker added and fully functional
Corrected some small typos

SO I keep getting a lua error that says couldn’t include file ‘cl_updatenotify.lua’ (file not found) any suggestions on how to fix this?

For now use the steam workshop version, I haven’t had time to update this one yet