my server’s up.

It’s really cool that people who talk on voice chat come up as Bystanders, but there’s quite a few really obnoxious people on the British server and it’s impossible to tell who I want to mute. Another suggestion, get some sort of anti-afk or changing system.

Gotta say, I’m really enjoying this after 20 minutes or so. Would love to play it with some Facepunchers!

Love the gamemode, I got a server up and running at

Would be nice if admins could see the names of the people talking cause i’m getting stick of racist remarks from players and nothing i can really do to stop them =/

looks fun

Version 4

  • Added a speed penalty for shooting a bystander
  • Increased penalty for shooting a bystander to 20 seconds
  • Added anti AFK, players will be moved to spectator
  • You can now mute from end of round popup
  • Added convars for debug and footsteps lifetime

A lot of people have commented about footsteps lagging, could you turn on “mu_debug 1” and tell me how many footsteps you have to lag?

You could just not be such a little bitch and stop getting offended by words.

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Hey I ran a profiler on the footsteps, cam.Start3D and End3D were taking up a fair amount of time. Try changing your renderfoot function to:

local function renderfoot(self)
cam.Start3D(EyePos(), EyeAngles())
render.SetMaterial( footMat )
for k, footstep in pairs(FootSteps) do
if footstep.curtime + 30 > CurTime() then
render.DrawQuadEasy( footstep.pos + footstep.normal * 0.01, footstep.normal, 10, 20, footstep.col, footstep.angle )
FootSteps[k] = nil

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Oh and the gamemode’s really fun, nice work.

Sadly I had to play with matt earlier… Footsteps did cause a huge drop in fps. They really aren’t even that useful but if you want to keep them a lot of optimization on that sort of thing needs to be done so even low end pc users can still play. Loved it and keep up the good work.

Yeah, I have the footsteps in another gamemode and I moved cam functions outside the loop in that, but forgot to bring the changes back into Murder. I moved it out and added a distance check in that latest update so hopefully that will speed it up. Also what profiler do you use? Would be helpful.

Are you the guy who recognized his voice?

Anyway, I appreciate you adding some anti-afk stuff and looking at the footprints. I played the game tonight with Matt and my partner, and while the gamemode isn’t perfect, it was really enjoyable. Nice work!

matt not everyone is a asshole or wants to hear people be stuck in the fucking 1800’s some of us want to provide a game where people can speak without worrying about having to hear pricks cussing and using racist remarks left and right cause some of us are adults unlike the immature people like you

Yea that was me haha

Sheesh, are you okay?

Version 5

  • Anti AFK improvements
  • Increased bystander kill speed penalty
  • Added random names (like Det.Defective suggested)
  • Removed random prints to console

And yes i am fine i just want the ability to moderate the rude people on the server and stop people from getting in to a yelling contest with cussing each other .-.

Really like the Anti-AFK and the bystander names are a nice touch. I’ve found a way to show names of players talking for admins/mods, but keep it say the fake names for all other players. Keep up the good work.

How does Anti-AFK system work?

Not sure that’s ever going to happen if you can’t chill out and just silently inform admins of any problematic people. Posting about it on a forum thread isn’t really the ideal place.

Local voice chat is just perfect for this game, global isn’t needed.
Server owners, please consider leaving it as it is.

Two issues with the footsteps:

  1. They lag the murderer. At least me. And I’m running on a high-end computer. I talked with a few other people and they also are lagging.

  2. The murderer sees his own footsteps? I can understand that partially, but eh… I kinda feel like he shouldn’t see his own.