Murky/Underwater effects?


I recently got back into mapping and I’ve stumbled upon a bit of an issue.
While creating a small room with water that fills up, I noticed that there is no ‘underwater’ texture.
I’m not sure if I’m missing something, but when I swim into it, it’s perfectly clear as if it’s not murky or underwater at all.
Is this something I can add to make a more realistic effect?

I’m using a func_water_analog with a water texure added (I’ve tried all of them)

Any help appreciated.

From the VDC

So unfortunately it would seem due to the way the entity behaves it can’t make use of the full water shader which is probably why you don’t get that underwater murky effect.

Try building Cubemaps

Perhaps you could achieve the needed effect if you have an animated refracting texture that’s similar to being underwater, and apply it through env_screenoverlay to the player through a trigger in the water.

Add more bubbles :smiley:

Thanks for the suggestions everyone. This is kind of a strange thing…
I wonder how they did it while mapping half life and such.

Decompile a map and take a look

Could you elaborate? Sorry, I haven’t done this in quite a while.

If you want to find out how something works in a map you can decompile it and take a look at the generated vmf. Just don’t straight up steal someones work.

I was referring to Sparkthunder’s post earlier regarding cubemaps. I know how to decompile, I was just curious as to what he was talking about.

Whoops didn’t see you had quoted him my bad.

Put an env_cubemap entity 64 units above ground (at player head level), then when you’re in game, type in console (with sv_cheats set to 1) mat_specular 0, then buildcubemaps, mat_specular 1 and buildcubemaps. Quit the game and restart, the water should look good now.

No change… It appears to be a problem with garry’s mod itself. I never noticed how bad water looked until now. Strange that we survive with this little amount of immersion.[/T] [T][/T] [T]

I’m not quite sure, but i believe when I’m underwater in gmod, my screen gets slight refractions. (But then again, this isnt helpful, nor do I feel like booting up gmod to double check)