Murky Water

I’ve been searching for a solution to a problem I’ve had for quite some time, but I finally decided to ask someone myself. In recent maps I’ve made from Source SDK (configured with Garry’s Mod) the water textures are messed up a bit. When I enter the water it is very murky and brown. I look at peoples’ videos and notice the water texture they use is not murky, although mine is, even if I use the same texture. Please help! Pictures are here -

Choose a different water texture? It could be depending on your graphics card as well.

Wasteland002a is a good water texture I found out.

Alright, I will try it. Every texture I’ve tried is murky. My graphics card, from my understanding, is pretty good. In maps that I have not created like gm_construct, the water is perfect. I must be doing something wrong in the Source SDK.

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Thank you! The water looks great, unfortunately I can’t see the ground whilst in the water. Anyways, it looks better.

What is the graphics card…out of interest.

If you want a crystal clear water texture, you’ll have to make your own and disable the fog. Or you could use a cheap water texture and func_water_analog, but that looks really bad.

NVIDIA GeForce 7600 GS

That’s a terrible card. A gs too.

The card is a mid range 7 series, but the budget model. It does not come close to being pretty good. It’s won’t cause you any problems, but its not a good card. Pretty good in my book is an 8800gt, the best cheap card you can buy.

His avatar suits what he should do to his computer.

Hahaha alright thanks.

Buy that, it is a great card and will surely be a giant upgrade.

Why get a 450. At least do it reasonably right and get a 60.

But the graphics update isn’t the only thing to consider. My 7800gtx was in a single core with not much ram. Boosting the graphics would be like putting roadworks on the m25. You get bottlenecks and the system won’t perform as well as expected.

I’ll look into it, thanks.

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So something of this nature?

Yes, that’ll be perfect. What is your CPU though, because unless it’s a good duo (overclocked) or quad you’ll get bottlenecking.

My processor is an AMD Anthlon 64 Processor 3200 + 2.00 GHz, which I am pretty sure sucks. Not sure what duo or quad it is. =/

Its a single core cpu. You need a total pc upgrade really. Just upping the gfx card won’t help.

Single core cpu… definitely upgrade your PC.

Aight. Thanks.

Here’s the thing… I don’t know why gm_construct water is crystal clear! My card can obviously run high quality water appearances. Do I need to add lights in my water or anything like that?

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Are you only applying the water texture to the top face of the water? Not just creating a brush fully made of water? That might be why…

Yes, I am just applying the water brush to the top face of the no-draw texture.

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Here is what happens when I use a complete brush.