murpo community server [EU] [NoGrief] [PvP] [Stability] Read more... *also looking for admins*


bad time to open and advertise a server with the on-going ddos attack - because of this there will be lag, if there is lag we can restart the server to stop it, hopefully garry and the rest can fix this asap

Press F1 in game and type:


New server, looking to start a community and grow. 50 slot server at the moment and will increase if/once capacity can be reached. This server will always be up so you can play and make it your own server knowing it will never shutdown.

I have been responsible for starting some big communities in other games and known for them being fun.

Anything you don’t like or want to change to help the server grow please tell me


  • PvP
  • No griefing allowed (Don’t go around destroying peoples things and stopping people from having fun)
  • No wipes by us, only the game devs when updates happen
  • Mature, non abusive admins (No spawning items, kicking people, god mode etc)
  • Air drops
  • Sleepers disabled until game is stable (no ddos)
  • Play the game how you want, no stupid strict rules
  • Guaranteed to be one of the best/most fun servers
  • Active admins


  • To create the largest rust community
  • 500 players on a massive map
  • True survival
  • Towns built by clans or factions
  • Mods to make the game more dangerous to survive
  • Custom mods unique to this server
  • Move onto our own dedicated server if we can build up a large community
  • Wars?

Currently 2, looking for 3 more at the moment


  • as it’s a new server and new game it will of course take a while for things to settle down, over the coming weeks/months more ideas for features and goals will be created
  • Also on going ddos attack on the rust servers, sometimes lag(because of the ddos) but we fix that with a restart

update: sleepers disabled until game is stable and no more ddos attacks, this is so your loot is safe, will be enabled in the future to keep the realism

update: back online