Muscle car

250 props, not too laggy.

  • great handling

  • drives like a baws

  • looks like a baws

  • swing axel suspension on the rear and independent double wishbone suspension on the front

  • v

comment :buddy:

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winner for the first to recognize what its based on

It looks like you used an axe to carve that body, so I bet your arms are sore after all that hard work.

can we get a few pics of that swingin’ axle?
Swingaxles always fuck up for me in gmod, they never hold camber angle well.

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thing’s awesome

thanks. the rear suspension is simple as hell, nothing special in it tbh



Very nice, great work on the body.

very very veryvery nice :buddy:

I like it. Very hot, but you seriously need to change the way you craft your bodywork cause it’s jagged like fuck.

I’ll try.

Don’t know what you’re talking about. This is gmod, not 3ds max.

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dammit pring

You’re right splam, this is not a modeling program

it looks fantastic other than the roof, which is much too angled and low-cut

Just like the jalopy’s roof :v:

I think it looks a bit like what one of Chip Foose’s concept sketches would look like if you didn’t actually tone the lines down like he always does when he makes the actual car. He always exaggerates the lines and whatnot, but when the car is done it looks great.

What I mean is this.

The extreme lines have been toned down. Bad example since both the sketch of that car and the car itself looks like shit, but you get the idea.