Muscular men, flabby women

Why is this so? Discuss why the men in the game are subjected to this. We want natural looking men just like we have with the women in the game. I want my character to represent the natural male figure. Please make the males ugly like the women in the game.

I’d say to make the women just as muscular. If you’re out, surviving in the wild, there’s no way you’re going to be fat.

How are the guys muscular though? I mean they’re not stick thin gamer nerds, but they’re hardly body builders either. I see no muscle definition aside from SLIGHT bicep definition.

Living in a harsh environment, barely surviving leaves no time at the gym.

I disagree with this. In my opinion the newmans of rust are certainly toned with muscle. I believe if they want to make the game more realistic the men should have body fat just like the flabby women

Swinging an AXE/PICK and running ALL DAY LONG, is pretty much the same as time at the gym to me. lol

True I’m sure that would be quite a work out. I assume the women in the game will also be swinging pickaxes.

Maybe, or they will they? :lick::garryspin: (I had to)

Yeah, I think it’s good that the women in-game aren’t overly sexualized / glamorized, but I also didn’t expect them to be quite so … you know, scary-looking? I think I’d prefer my chances with the deers or rabbits, personally… :jawdrop:

Muscle and tone is a given in a world where you’re being physical and starving. Women need to be muscular too so they’re more like men.

I’m pretty sure this is just ibanez87’s poorly concealed attempt at asking for sexier women as apposed for a real desire to have uglier men.