Museum Map

Wanted to know what some people think
Click Here to download the map!

It’s a whole bunch of walls with random pictures and semi-good lighting, with a whole bunch of blocky stuff.

It honestly looks like something someone would make when they just discovered how to make custom textures.

Since when do buildings have flat roofs?

Thats right, never.

Lots of buildings have flat roofs.

In fact, I live around a ton of buildings with flat roofs. Phoenix AZ

You also don’t get much rain in Phoenix. Flat roof buildings tend to appear in drier areas because water doesn’t sit for long before evaporating.


Also, judging by the grass outside the building, it is not a dry climate and the roof should be fixed.

Pretty much all roofs have a camber in them to accommodate for rain run-off, therefore there isn’t really any flat roofs in your standard buildings of today.

What he said. The only museums that would be remotely similar to that kind of layout would be the kind of ‘tourist trap’ museums you find in small towns like a ‘John Wayne Museum’ filled with nothing but movie posters.

These are what real museums look like.

So basically
-Ditch the pictures/info and you got a basic room
-Real museums have all kinds of cool building features n’ shit
-Outside building is no-frills as well.

I was bored.