MuseX Media Player

Modulus Software Presents… MuseX

Info: MuseX is a multimedia player for Garry’s Mod. It has the ability to play a multitude of audio formats, including, but not limited to MP3, Wave, Ogg Vorbis, Windows Media Audio, and Midi. MuseX allows you to browse and play music from any directory, on any drive on your computer, with it’s fully functional media browser.

[li]Fully functional media player, supporting seek and volume.[/li][li]Playlists.[/li][li]Support for a multitude of audio formats, anything you have codecs for.[/li][li]Hotkeys.[/li][li]Visualizations - [/li]

Currently disabled

[li]Browse any location on your computer for media.[/li][li]Special Derma skin system allows you to create your own skins without affecting the rest of your Derma panels.[/li][/ul]

Other Info: This was a collaboration between Foszor and I. He wrote everything you see. I wrote what you don’t see, the module. The visualizations are disabled because in the initial version we had some crashing issues we’d like to fix before releasing those.

[li]Extract into your garrysmod\addons directory.[/li][li]Run install modules.bat, this will copy the modules to the required directories.[/li][/ol]

[li]To open MuseX type musex into the console.[/li][li]Alternatively you can use the hotkey Ctrl+Shift+M.[/li][/ul]



Huzzah! Enjoy.

Nice job, this is something I had wanted to do ( the module ), but was never able to. Very nice work, the both of you.

Really Nice job, the both of you.

Yesh, i was waiting for it :smiley:
Is it just the vid, or the sound quality is a bit weird?

Brilliant! I’ve been waiting for a stable addon like this for bloody ages! Great work here guys, I love it! :smiley:

Everything about this is perfect apart from the fact that the hotkeys editor doesn’t detect media keys (play/pause, stop, next/back) on my keyboard.


Nice, i like it.

I hope the future is full of GUI customizing.

This is that what i really want!BIG thanks dude :smiley:

You’ve been doing a lot of great stuff recently. Keep it up. :smiley:

good work nice idea!

Good work! Hmm… this player can play video files? Hehe play-and-watch is a good idea!

Great! Now i have something to listen too while i am playing. :slight_smile:


I always wanted something like this, and the VGUI codecs system and the file browser are epic.

That is the best looking media player for a game that I’ve ever seen, downloading now.

Also, Lua King for you!

åäö aren’t visible, makes the Swedish translation look odd.
Other than that, awesome!

Yay you released!

Great work as always. Now I can listen to music whilst riding your hoverboards :smiley:

Can you broadcast other songs to people on your server?

Or would that require downloading the songs?

Awesome job guys!

Probably not :frowning: