Mushroom Bomber - A Fresh spin on the Bomberman games inside s&box

Hello everyone! Today i would like to share a gamemode idea that our team is working on - Mushroom Bomber. Inspired by the Bomberman style games such as Bomb-it series and MelonBomber gamemode in gmod we have decided to put our spin on the game in s&box.

In Mushroom Bomber players objective is to eliminate all other players with bombs they can place in a maze like map. Players can collect bonuses such as additional maximum bombs they can place, speed and other unique pickups. The gamemode will be designed such as anybody can jump into it and play it, while offering options to extend the gameplay via addons.

-Original models based of different mushrooms with stylized art
-Animations and particles effects for bombs, pickups and deaths
-Wide array of unique maps that all have different themes and additions.
-Interesting pickups and consumable items such as a placeable marshmallow machine gun allowing for more strategic gameplay.
-Different gamemodes such as:
Elimination - Standard gamemode free-for-all in which everyone has only one life.
Team Deathmatch - A gamemode in which a team of players have to eliminate the other team (or teams)
Battle Royale - A gamemode in which the person with the most kills by the end of the timer wins the game.

About the Team
We are a pretty new dev team from Poland with strong ideas and will to bring into s&box.
@darknessuu “Joseph Joestar” - Main Project Lead, Coder.
@K0Z4 - Coder and Artist.
@ProtOS - Modeler
@Kikon Mapper
@Anter - Coder

Our goal with the gamemode
Our goal is to put a unique spin on the Bomberman games genre by providing not only a fun and easy to learn gameplay but the ability to customize and expand the gameplay how you seem fit by allowing the creation of addons that add new maps, models to customize yourself with or new pickups and equipment!

Final Words
The gamemode is by all means in it’s early stages of planning. With access to s&box we hope to begin development on the gamemode in game. If you have any ideas or suggestions about the gamemode feel free to post them down below for us to see!

Here are some screenshots from our early dev:
The first iteration of the Mushroom men

Mushroom bomb model

WIP Marshmallow sentry gun model with moving barrels

unknown (3)
Very WIP visualization of the standard map

Cheers - From the Mushroom Devs



Sounds like a cool idea and the models look great :slight_smile:


no way its fungus terry

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Shroom Terry looks like an absolute meme lol

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Ya know, what “shrooms” we talkin about, right?

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Looks really cool. The elimination gamemode sounds more like a battle royale and the battle royale sounds more like free for all in my opinion. Good work though!

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The first iteration of the UI. Will probably change later in development
(stats in right corner and cooldown of bombs in left corner)

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