Mushroom cloud as explosion?

Is there a way to find out what causes this?

-snip, im blind-

It’s probably some shitty addon doing this.

Delete your garrysmod/download folder and disable your addons.

I know it’s an addon, but I’m trying to figure out what addon does it. Will I have to just enable them one by one?

Enable half, if problem doesn’t appear enable other half. Then disable half of those you just enabled, if problem disappears re-enable and disable other half… After a few passes you’ll narrow it down to a single addon and it’s much faster than just one-by-one approach.

That’s strange, I have another computer and I copied the exact addon folder from the problem computer to the new computer and the new computer doesn’t have this problem.

Then it may be some shit you downloaded from one of servers you joined, try deleting garrysmod/download directory. Or something somehow got directly into garrysmod/materials.

I had deleted the downloads folder, but to no avail. I’ll check the materials folder.
Where would the explosion particle be?

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That’s strange… The same addons on the new computer which have no problem are problematic on the old computer.