Music Easter Egg in Rust?

So I was sitting in my house sorting my boxes, and that static background noise – I presume it is supposed to be either heavy wind or a water fall, but it
sounds like a bunch of static – started playing, and I noticed a faint voice within the static (you have to listen very closely). I recorded the audio and amplified it with Audacity, and sure enough,
it is some kind of Native American chant on repeat. I confirmed it with a clan member just to make sure I was not hallucinating.

I searched the forums and there was no mention of this, so I thought I’d post. Anyone else hear it?


Here is the audio clip. Turn up the volume. It’s still low even with it amplified.

When I am being chased by a wolf I could swear I hear a voice in that sound effect. It sounds like someone giving the dog or wolf commands on how to bark next. It is super weird and nobody says they hear it but me. Yet every time, it’s there.

I hear it, too! My friend and I were talking about Rust sounds earlier today, and the wolf came up. It sounds like he is saying something to you as he chases you down… it’s a little creepy.

I hear voices as well in game. Freaks me out. I’ll be standing on some rocks all by myself and it sounds like someone is whispering.

you know you could upload the file…

Epileptic Trees?


i think y’all play way too much! Take a break for a few hours…

There used to be a faint background music in the game when it was playable on the website.

He can’t actually. Mainly because it doesn’t exist.

Protip: Stop dropping acid when playing Rust. :wink:

Sorry, I didn’t want to post the file right away in case it was a well-known thing. Apparently not! I will post the file (amplified and non-amplified) soon. I’m doing a WoW raid at the moment (reset day :stuck_out_tongue: ), so I’ll get it posted as soon as I can.

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Here is the audio clip. Turn up the volume. It’s still low even with it amplified.

This is both of the songs that used to be in rust during the webplayer days.

Even turned up it sounds like a sound loop that just sounds strange. How much pot have you been smoking?

yeah I hear the wolves saying sbit…freaks me out

Haha. None, I swear.

Although I will note that not everyone can hear it. Some of my friends can, but others can’t.

I’ve heard this, too, unsure if it’s actually a voice but it definitely always makes me look around just in case it is someone whispering around me.

Some cant hear it because of the…you know…the hz hz hz thingy, older people cant hear high frequency, etc. science stuff.

I can hear it really clear, some high pitch notes but still mild. I’ve been sober for 13 days straight, this is legit creepy background music.

That second song used to annoy me to no end, Jesus.

Drug free. Have to be for my job. There definitely is something weird in the wind.