Music in the page BEFORE MOTD?

Hey guys, I plan on playing music on the page before MOTD, the one with the face swirling or whatever. How do people put customizable content there, I’ve already tried modifying the MOTD, that didn’t help. Thanks.

You have to make a html page on a web host, and link your server to that page in your server.cfg by using the line

sv_loadingurl "website page URL"

As for making an automatic music player, I don’t know how to do that myself as I’ve never gotten into html.

I recommend Grendel Host if you want to make a website, it’s free and there’s literally no catches from what I can tell, which I found odd.

Grendel’s host is amazing, just checked it out. And I’m going to keep this thread sticking around to see if anybody can find another way for the YouTube player or whatever.

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Little update, music player working on the website but not in gmod.

EDIT: got piss working thanks