Music is the key




Space of Ades.


I imagine Joker’s arms will be shattered playing those drums

He can fire an Avenger by ME3, so I doubt it.

Dunno. Didn’t played ME³ long enough. It’s a pile of EA shit forced
to be released too early. Bioware did a good job but it’s not really
First I didn’t knew who put in as the drummer. Joker seemed a good
choice imo. And the guy who rigged the ME³ Jack needs to learn
rigging. Seriously. As cool as the model may be. The rigging is awful.
Same goes for James. Horrible Polygon behaviour in the armpit,
back and shoulder area. What do i need a really cool model for,
if it’s not or almost not really ready for dynamic poses? Kai Leng
for example is an awsome example of how it’s done right.

Awesome concept dude. :downs: