Music Maker SWEP

Hi. Is it possible for somebody to create an in-game music maker swep for gmod and make it so you can click a button and it plays it out loud for everyone if you are admin on a server? I just thought this would be cool for battles and stuff. So here’s what I’m thinking,

-Located in utilities called ‘Music Maker’

-Click the button and it will bring up a menu

-The menu has some buttons on it

-The buttons say ‘Create New’ and ‘Load Music’

-When opening ‘Create New’ it brings another menu

-The menu has a field and a ‘next’ button on the bottom right corner

-The fields says ‘Name’

-Enter the name of the music in the ‘Name’ field

-After entering the name, click next in the bottom right corner

-After clicking ‘next’ it brings you to another section

-The section has a music making thing where you put colored blocks onto the thing and it makes different sounds

That’s the way I’m thinking of it. And also, if somebody decides to do this, could you make a tab on the menu that stores hl2, portal, tf2, etc. songs in it? Thanks for reading. I really hope somebody decides to give this a try. And if this has already been made, could somebody give me the link and I’ll just be sitting here being sad because I went through all this typing and it has already been made.