music mod to gmod9 help

I downloaded but I can’t seem to put my own music in plz help

Get gmod10, theres better music mods for gmod10 out there.

omg enought with Gmod 10 I CAN’T GET IT YET PPL IM ASKING HELP ON 9 NOT 10!!!

Try it on gmod 10.

GMod 9 is not supported anymore, it is dead. Nobody will help you with it. Buy the steam version or figure out the solution yourself.

this mod is for Gmod9 I just don’t know how to put my music into it

Figure it out yourself, GMod 9 is no longer supported by the creator of it, Garry nor will anyone from this forum help you with it.

forget this fourm ur all useless cuz i ask 1 question about 9 and everyone is saying get 10 I CAN’T YET!!!

I told you twice already, nobody will help you here with GMod 9 so just go away.

It’s £5. If you can’t afford that, then you sir, need to get a job.

Have you tried GMod 10? hurrrrrrrrrrrrr

It is obvious by his posts that he is under 14 years old.