Music player.

I’ve been searching around far too long on the internet trying to find a music player for my server, so why just not make it go faster and ask the question. Is there some music player out there that has a LARGE library of songs like some servers have. I understand that they have private coders and such, but is there any public release for one? Or if there isnt, is there a music player out there that you add your own songs to, but can hold a lot of songs. I found a couple, but they were only able to hold around 15 of my songs. Or if there isnt any public release or any custom music player, how do i go about making one? I would love to have one of them music players that hold up to 300 songs like some really popular servers have. (maybe that was a bit of exaggeration, or maybe it wasnt.)

If there is a tutorial somewhere on how to make one, can you please post a link.


As far as I know, all songs would have to be downloaded. No one wants to download tons of songs. Add songs, and you will probebly get no players.

With this addon you can add music via URL on the internet or FTP. It works most of the time you just need a good URL. When I use it I go to search for a song, grab the url and then play it in game. Also it is just V1.1 so it is a little buggy and slow. I used to have it on my server but minges would use it against me.

Ok. i’ll check it out. thanks