Music Props

Hi there,

I am in need of a few music related props: microphones and stands, various amps, mixing desks, instruments, etc.

I am aware that some of these props exist on but I don’t really want to just steal someone’s models, and most of the model packs are so old I doubt the creators are still active. I also know that many of these props exist already in Dark Carnival from L4D2, but I have no idea about how to port them. If anyone could either create, port, or link some props, I’d be very grateful.

Get gm_mount2 if it’s a prop in L4D2. If you own L4D2 it’ll let you use props from the game.

Does that work for Hammer or just gmod? I should have specified in the OP that I wanted them for mapping.

There’s some musical stuff:

No idea, this is not the mapping section.