Music Streaming Addon

So, I have googled it, and I found one suggestion on facepunch talking about using a site with a built in youtube api, but that site is down now. Is there any other way to play youtube sound threw an addon?
Sorry if this is a dumb question, I’m very new to GLua

Well the 3D Stream Radio addon (If you don’t know it already) used to be able to playback YouTube URLs. But it was never really reliable and sometimes slow, because the API of the converter website wasn’t relay supposed to be used like that or is just bad.

Converting YouTube to MP3 is quite expensive traffic and cpu power wise. That is why it is difficult to do it properly for free on a large scale. There are also some legal issues depending on the songs to convert.

The website seems to have changed from “” to “”. But it is not even converting a song (It just redirect to itself on “Download”) when used in a browser such as Chrome or Firefox and it is full of ads. That, by the way, is the reason why I decided to remove the YouTube support from my addon above indefinitely with the next major update.

At the moment the only way would be to setup your own converter server, which I can tell you will get very expensive if you want to make it publicly available. Doing a private one would work, but I think that would invalidate the whole point of such an addon in my opinion.
Anyways you would need some serious server administrating and codding skills to accomplish this.